RW Blogger Says Electing Black Man Bad For Race Relations

Just look at this nonsense, prominently featured at the Republican TownHall site: John Hawkins : 5 Reasons Obama’s Election Is Bad For Race Relations

Against this backdrop came Barack Obama with an unspoken promise: elect me as President and America can put race in the rear view mirror once and for all. After all, if Americans elected a black President, how racist could the country really be?
[. . .] With black Americans, race comes first. If white Americans felt the same way, there’s certainly no way that Barack Obama could ever have been elected President.
[. . .] Too many people have used racism as an all-purpose excuse for their failures in life. But, after a black man with mediocre qualifications rose all the way up to the become President of the United States, it seems natural to ask how much of an impediment race can really be in America?
[. . .] Barack Obama is playing an extremely cynical game with the race card. … He doesn’t ask his supporters to stop crying “racism.” So, everyone who opposes him politically gets smeared as a racist, while he doesn’t have to personally get his hands dirty. For a cynical, sleazy, manipulative politician, it’s the best of both worlds. For the rest of the country, it’s an ugly game that serves the country poorly.
. . . Obama is a bumbling, corrupt, megalomaniacal train wreck who has been a disaster at home and a weakling abroad. He can already legitimately be compared to the worst Presidents in American history — yet, his approval rating with black Americans is still above 90%.
How healthy is it for the country to have 92% of black Americans approving of the job Obama is doing while only 42% of white Americans approve?

It is weird how color is the only thing Republicans seem to be able to see. That and the color of big-corporate money..

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  1. Townhall has always been an excuse factory designed to comfort their ignorant readers, who must cope daily with the unbearable shame of holding stupid prejudices.

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