Republicans VERY Serious About Keeping Black People From Voting This Year

Nine Election-Related Arrests In Florida: A Case Of Voter Fraud Or Voter Suppression?,

As soon as Judy Ann Crumitie answered the banging on her door one November morning last year, police officers and FBI agents streamed into her home, some with their guns drawn and trained in her direction.
… “I was just trying to help the people vote,” Crumitie, 51, told the Huffington Post’s Black Voices.
… Lawyers for Crumitie would not elaborate on the circumstances of her arrest or the charges. But they said that the incident and the way officials handled the investigation and ultimately her arrests — including entering her home with guns drawn and without a search warrant — are part of a broader political movement across the state and country to suppress poor and minority voters.

This arrest was for doing things the way they had always been done BEFORE Florida passed the new voting and registering restrictions. This case is about a school board election where a black candidate defeated a white candidate by 1 vote.

“Well it’s a mess and it has the smell of the 60s and 50s in it,” Harper said this morning. “It’s strange the only wrong-doers that could be found were African Americans.”
Harper, who also would not elaborate on his client’s alleged role in the fraud, said of the new law, “I think everyone is confused.”

Things are only going to get worse between now and election day. Repubicans are very serious about this.

“I was trying to help the people vote, for Martin Luther King and the civil rights that they fought for us to do, and we done just that,” she said. “When they came to my house to arrest me they come to my house and they had guns drawn on me. I didn’t know it was against the law to vote.”