Republicans Cut Jobs, Keep Oil Company Tax Breaks, Don’t Cut Military!

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As you read this, remember what Republicans did just a few weeks ago to force huge tax cuts for the wealthy, adding as much as $900 to budget deficits. Also, keep in mind that we spend more on military than every other country combined.
People Want Job Creation Not Cuts
Finally, keep in mind that polls show the public wants job creation, and does not want cuts in the things government does for We, the People. On the Campaign for America’s Future website front page under “THE PULSE” you can see the results of a poll, showing significant majorities reject cuts in various programs. (Other polls show broad public support for increasing taxes on the wealthy.)
What the public wants, the public doesn’t get. This isn’t about what the public wants. It certainly isn’t about jobs. And, right after increasing the deficits with huge tax cuts for the wealthy, this is not about cutting deficits, either. It certainly isn’t about governing or the public interest. This is about one thing only: gutting the hated government.
They Campaigned Against Cuts
In the midterm elections campaign ad after campaign ad asked voters to reject Democrats because they had cut Medicare! They campaigned against Democrats for “cutting $500 billion from Medicare” and not increasing Social Security cost-of-living. As a result, for the first time the senior vote went to Republicans.
Job-Killing Cuts — “So Be It”
Instead, now in office, Republicans are cutting jobs programs, cutting government jobs, cutting aid to states to keep jobs, and cutting government infrastructure programs that create jobs.
No Cuts In Military?
TPM: Boehner’s Spending Cuts Would Kill 1 Million Jobs,

According to federal budget expert Scott Lilly at the Center for American Progress, Boehner’s proposed spending cuts could kill almost 1 million jobs.

WSJ: GOP Presses Biggest-Ever Budget Cut,

In early action on the bill, which would cut domestic programs by $61 billion this year, Republicans showed little appetite for making cuts in the Pentagon. The House rejected four amendments to cut defense programs, including one small cut to get rid of some Pentagon advisory commissions.
. . . The Republican bill would cut spending in domestic non-entitlement programs such as high-speed high-speed rail construction, water projects and job training far more deeply and quickly than President Barack Obama and most Democrats favor. The White House issued a veto threat immediately after the bill came to the House floor.

NY Times: House G.O.P. Pushes $61 Billion in Cutbacks

The current stopgap measure financing the government expires March 4. If the House and Senate are unable to come to an agreement before then or if the financing is not extended temporarily, federal agencies could be shut down. …
Even as Democrats attacked proposed cuts to programs that help economically struggling Americans and to initiatives involving education, the environment, housing and employment, Republicans lined up to make deeper reductions. The first amendment offered was a proposal to eliminate more than $18 million from the Pentagon budget. …
But the proposal was defeated on a vote of 223 to 207 and other initial efforts to make deeper reductions failed as well.

Running Through A Hospital With A Machete
Instead of considering how to govern, they are just gutting. No consideration is being given to the value of programs, or the long-term cost of cuts, it is just a frenzy of cutting for the sake of cutting.
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