Reddit Button Question

Question for web developers. Why is the Reddit submit button below putting the wrong title in? Try a few of the Reddit buttons on posts below this one to see what I mean.
Here is the script I am using. NOTE I am substituting left parenthesis here for left brackets so the blog software doesn’t think I mean to put the code here:
(script>reddit_url='($MTEntryPermalink archive_type=”Individual”$>'(/script>
(script type=”text/javascript” src=”″>(/script>
WHY is it putting the title of the first post into every reddit button on this main page? Other buttons with similar code are NOT doing that and are putting the correct title in.
UPDATE – I have a clue. I changed the title of the Palin post, took out the hyphen, so it now reads “Palin Is Not Even On Fox or Rush”. Yet several of the reddit buttons below still contain the OLD title. So this is a Reddit server-side error with their script I think.