Problem One is Corporate Money Influencing The System

The most important problem to address, in my opinion, is the way a few people have been able to use corporate resources to influence people and policies. These people don’t use these resources to promote the betterment of society, or even of the companies whose resources they control. They use these resources to promote policies and ideas that are for their personal benefit.
Corporate resources should be used to run the company. And companies should operate under the rules WE set for them, for our benefit. It is time to make this the law. It is time “to bring private autocratic powers into their proper subordination to the public’s government.”
Fixing this problem will allow the system to operate the way it is intended again, which will allow us, We, the people, to start addressing the rest of the problems.

1 thought on “Problem One is Corporate Money Influencing The System

  1. AMEN
    We used to have a representative government. The stars on the American flag used to represent the States. today they might as well be ticker symbols.

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