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Exclusive: Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney – The Daily Beast
“A direct descendant of Brigham Young, Sue Emmett left the church because of the very values she says would make Romney a frightening president. She speaks exclusively with Jamie Reno.”

Emmett has watched Mitt Romney very closely throughout his public life and has strong opinions about what shaped his personality and his character. “Mitt is a product not only of his wealth, but of an organization that gives men power when they are 12 years old,” she says. “That is when boys are ordained with the priesthood. It is a big moment in a Mormon male’s childhood.”
As for what pundits say is Romney’s difficulty connecting with people, Emmett blames it largely on what she calls “the entitled Mormon male syndrome, where the leadership professes compassion and concern but leaves the manifestations of that to the drones. All male leadership is not this way; there are some wonderful men who do their best to exercise their power compassionately, but many do not.”
Emmett says Romney was a bishop, “a position where everyone defers to you. What a bishop says goes. People come to them to receive blessings.” He then became a stake president, she says, which means he presided over several congregations, and at that point bishops deferred to him.
“Mitt has had people defer to him and not challenge him his entire life,” says Emmett. “In the Mormon church if you challenge your priesthood leaders it’s a very bad thing to do, especially for women. As the world can now see, Mitt has a very hard time with being questioned and criticized; he’s had so little of this in his life.”

Read the whole thing, this guy could be the next President. Then go Google “Lying for the Lord.”

3 thoughts on “Pretty Big Story

  1. Ah, I knew it. You guys are so desperate that I knew you’d take up religious bigotry. I knew you’d resort to Mormonophobia.
    Well, are you happy with yourself, you bigot?

  2. Dave,
    Let me lay down a little reality for ya. I know it’s hard for you reality-deprived types so I’ll be gentle.
    Brigham Young sired nearly 60 children in his time. And they were very fruitful and multiplied. So today there are literally thousands of people who are direct descendents of Brigham Young.
    But this article is disgusting. A spurned wife talking about “Lying for the Lord” and how the Mormons want to take over the U.S. Government and establish a Mormon Theocracy?
    If I changed “Mormon” to “Muslim” in this article you’d report me to the SPLC for “Islamophobia” and hate speech. And you’d be right!
    “Lying for the Lord” == “Taqqiya!”
    “Mormon Theocracy” == “Caliphate!” “Creeping Sharia!”
    Face it, by endorsing this article you prove yourself to be a hateful bigot.
    Case closed.

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