2 thoughts on “OpenBeOS Haiku Approaching Alpha

  1. And speaking of the CA Budget deal:
    “Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, also indicated Wednesday that the package includes a tax break of at least several hundred million dollars for corporations with extensive out-of-state business. In a potential boon to the high-tech and biotech industries, it would ease the state tax burden for companies with significant sales outside California. Companies that operate exclusively within the state would not benefit.
    Proponents say the break would make the state more inviting for large corporations to set up shop in, but critics counter that the state can’t afford tax cuts given the deficit.”
    When it’s nut crackin’ time, the Democrats suddenly go all SUPPLY SIDE and lower taxes on corporations to encourage job growth and future tax benefits.

  2. You know well enough that this was put in by Republicans in exchange for a vote or two. Knowing that, why would you write what you wrote? Are you paid per comment, regardless of whether people can see right through them?

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