Obviously This Is What They Want

Whining about the downturn in Europe that results from austerity.
OK, here’s the thing. They aren’t stupid, they are just saying one thing (austerity brings growth) but really following an agenda that suits them. Obviously the austerity isn’t supposed to lift their economies. Everyone knows it will raise unemployment, etc. Obviously it is about privatizing and plundering. I mean, duh!
At what point does it become obvious that the “cut taxes for the rich, cut the things governments do for everyone else” agenda is NOT abou growing economies? Duh?
“You said if we gave you our money for these magic beams that a huge plant would grow with money for leaves, but all that is growing is tomatoes. Hey, where did you go?
“Stop! You said that if we brought you all the gold in town, you would user it to cure everyone’s illnesses — why are you riding away with it?”
“Hey, wait, you said we were going to a Halloween party when you got us all dressed up as bandits. Why are we robbing this bank?”