Obama Didn’t Deliver

What Digby Said! Winning Isn’t Everything, It’s The Only Thing,

… the party in power is expected to do what’s necessary to pass its agenda. If it can’t, it is held responsible for the failure, not those who stopped them from doing it.

There are SO many things Obama and the Dem leadership could have done.

  • Obama and the Dems weakened the stimulus “to attract Republican votes.” When they didn’t get any Republican votes, they left the compromises in anyway! They did this time after time since.
  • Obama could have kept the Congress in session last summer until they passed health care reform.
  • The Senate could have “rolled out the cots” every single time the Republicans filibustered. The one time they did do this Republicans immediately caved. Why didn’t they keep doing it?
  • Senate leadership has to decide whether to keep letting Republican just block everything, or do what it takes to get things moving. They can do this, and are choosing not to.
    It is time to govern the country. It is time to get things done. Or get out of the way — the people, the unemployed, those without health care, communities losing factories, states laying off hundreds of thousands, all are depending on you to get the job done, not accommodate right-wing kooks.