Noon Comments from Atlanta

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Some comments from the Carter Center Human Rights Conference:
Earlier when UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour was just about to speak, her phone rang. So there she is sitting next to Jimmy Carter who just spoke, looks at her phone and it’s Koffi Annan. She took the call, excused herself, and went out of the room with her phone to her ear. She came back a few minutes later and spoke.
At lunch I asked her what he said, but she said she couldn’t tell me.
Advice to travelers: if you use your cell phone as a backup alarm clock, remember to turn the ringer back on. I had it on vibrate but somehow woke up fifteen minutes before the bus. I made it.
Rosalyn Carter is still as beautiful as ever.
If you ever have lunch with Jimmy Carter, be sure to try the peach cobbler.
It isn’t the famous Presidential White House coffee. Maybe I’ll send down some Peet’s when I get back.