New Mac Notebooks – Still No Blu-Ray

Apple’s new notebook line is announced. They still cost about double what a PC costs, and still don’t offer Blu-Ray drives for watching HD movies. Oh well, I was hoping…
So, I hear you can install MacOSX on a PC. What’s up with that?

3 thoughts on “New Mac Notebooks – Still No Blu-Ray

  1. You can put OS X on a PC, but not all the hardware works right away. You have to go hunting for drivers and such, and only certain motherboards will support the installation.
    Or you can play with this:
    As for the Blu-Ray player – apparently it’s a power hog and no one’s solved that problem yet. You might not get enough juice out of a battery to play a whole movie. At the presentation today, Jobs also mentioned some licensing problems for using the tech were getting in the way.
    That’s what I think I know. I could be wrong. But I am picking up a PC/Hackintosh dual-system machine tomorrow. If it works.

  2. Except the desktop Mac’s don’t offer Blu-ray either, so it isn’t power consumption.

  3. Well, may be the licensing then.
    I’m just now getting a PC with a Blu-Ray player, and it’s a homebuilt machine. I know there are desktop PCs out there that come with Blu-Ray players – Dell and Toshiba make a few models – but I haven’t seen it widespread yet. Give it time.

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