My Take On The Health Reform Bill

The current health care reform bill orders everyone to buy insurance from the big corporations, and has few cost controls or other controls on those companies to make sure they don’t just cheat people like they do now.
This is bad on a scale equivalent to Bush’s huge bailout of the big financial firms.
Passing this is suicide for the Democrats who hold office. But not just for them. The public won’t ever listen to anyone left of John McCain if this is what happens when Democrats get power. They use it to order everyone to shell out a huge amount of money? Never even mind that it is to evil corporations.
This bill provides subsidies that limit insurance payments to $8,000 for a family making $82,000 a year. This is with subsidies! If you make more than that there are no subsidies and no limit on what you have to pay!

1 thought on “My Take On The Health Reform Bill

  1. Right on Dave. The combination of the mandate with no cost controls or competition is a big loser for the Dems. Voters will make them pay.

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