My Own Big Climate Concern Is Crop Failure

Obviously we are experiencing big changes in the climate. And obviously the oil companies have a lock on the government, so nothing is going to be done about it.
Here is my concern: when will we see the first big crop failure? I mean really big, like big enough that there is not enough food, even in the “1st world,” and a resulting panic, huge price increases, possible war…
My wife and I have a vegetable garden (and a garden blog.) We can really, really see the changes that are happening. Tomatoes in December? Broccoli growing at all the wrong times? Things that always do great not growing?
Every gardener is noticing that things are changing.
So I fear that a big crop failure or similar disaster is coming, before people actually start doing something about the CO2 emissions — and of course it’s pretty close to too late already.

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