More Netflix

I don’t care WHY Netflix changed its business model, I just know that as a customer I don’t like it.
All over the web are stories about how the Netflix business model moves to the future, and their DVD business wasn’t growing fast enough, the content providers were asking for more, etc… I do not care. If businesses want to try to make me conform to their business model, good luck with that. I don’t care how brilliant or stupid their business model is, I care what they are doing for me, if they want my money.
I think the reason Netflix has lost 1 million customers is that most of their customers do not yet know that anything has changed. The website looks the same, you get your DVD, you can stream videos. And you probably don’t look at your credit card statement.
But I hear they are going to change that soon. They are going to move the DVD service to another company, with a funny name, so you won’t be able to get your DVDs anymore, and it won’t tell you it is available as a stream, etc. THAT is when they will start to lose customers. Maybe all of them.