Limits On Treasury Bond Purchases?????

I just received this email:

Dear TreasuryDirect Account Holder:
The Savings Bond Purchase Limitation has been changed to $5,000 per series
and TIN per calendar year. Please cancel any pending purchases that exceed
the yearly $5,000 limit.
This is an automatic message from TreasuryDirect.


3 thoughts on “Limits On Treasury Bond Purchases?????

  1. This was announced back in December 2007 but didn’t make much news. Why it takes Treasury 4 months to send out an email is pretty bizarre.

  2. Have you learned anything more about this and what it might mean for the economy, the country?
    What is Treasure doing?
    I’ve been watching at Eschaton, but Atrios hasn’t mentioned this at all.
    I am a total dummy in this area, so have only questions.

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