1 thought on “Jiggery-Pokery

  1. Here’s something to think about.
    Science is a step away from creating immortality. Longevity studies along with the eradication of diseases and birth defects is snowballing. Technology will have found the fountain of youth within the next ten years. Now, who will have access to immortality? The deserving or the rich? The planet is overcrowded now and pollution is the product of too many people wasting too much. The select few who are allowed to receive immortality will choose to reduce the population so they can restore the environment. How will they go about this? I’m not a bible thump-er but the bible talks about Armageddon. The final war where the rich fight against the poor and it’s brother against brother. Then, we have Utopia. I hate to say it but, We need to get rich or plan on missing the boat…. Have fun.

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