“It’s what you get when day after day after day after day you just sit there and take it”

Republican racists threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman, shouting, “this is how we feed the animals.” In response CNN cowers, does nothing, officially says nothing. Their employees are furious.
CNN and America’s “news media” should not be surprised — this is, after all, the “let him die!” party, the party that booed a soldier because he is gay — when the wingnuts do things like this, they are helping bring this treatment on themselves by doing nothing about it, not warning the public about gthe hate this crowd is spewing.
Seriously, read this: First Draft: Making You Inferior With Your Explicit Consent,

It’s what you get when you take somebody who says the New York Times building should be blown up, and put her on the cover of a magazine because she’s influential and controversial and maybe hey, she’s just kidding around!
It’s what you get when you hire people as your commentators and consultants who think urinating on corpses is hilarious, and call Supreme Court justices “goat-fucking child molester”s.
It’s what you get when you pay sex tourists with drug problems insane amounts of money to spend hours on the radio calling the president of the United States everything right up to the very edge of nigger, and then quote him as if he’s a person whose opinion matters.
It’s what you get when you invite people on the air who hate you. Who hate what you do. Who hate what you stand for. Who hate everything you are. Who say, out loud, that the world would be better off without you. Who think you’re a detriment to society. Who “joke” about killing you.
It’s what you get when day after day after day after day you just sit there and take it. You’ve been ignoring the bully for three decades now. Has he gone away yet? Has he stopped?

Seriously, go read the whole thing.
AND PLEASE read Angry Black Lady Chronicles, The Line Of The Convention So Far,

Staggering racism aside, “This is how we feed the animals” pretty much sums up the entire GOP mindset for the the last 32 years, doesn’t it?
Feed red meat to the base. Feed lies to the press and the middle. Feed contempt and hatred to the rest. And look at the animals, the 99%, eat it up. Durr hurr, stupid man animals will eat anything we throw at them. Let’s keep the dangerous ones locked up so we can gawk at them, and be sure to slaughter a few fatted calves so we eat well and they can rot in their pens and cages. We’re on display for their enjoyment, but never forget they’ll put us down if we bite the hand that feeds us.

Go read the rest.