It’s Time To Close All The Military Bases In Texas

So Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz are trying to “calm” Texans who think the US government is planning a “military takeover” of the state. They say people’s fear is based on distrust of Obama.

Here is a way to help “calm” Texans. Lets close all of those US military bases in Texas. They cost a tremendous amount to keep open, and they cause Texans to worry that the United States is going to “take over” Texas.

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover

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1 thought on “It’s Time To Close All The Military Bases In Texas

  1. Why just Texas? The entire Southeast is worried about Obama. There are plenty of military bases in Mississippi and Georgia and Florida and Alabama and North Carolina and South Carolina and all the rest. Close them all. People shouldn’t have to fear their own government. Also, too, insane paranoid people shouldn’t be that close to massive stockpiles of powerful weapons if they should decide to take whatever the fuck it is they want back.

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