iOS8 Works Fine On iPhone 5 – Upgrade Recommended

I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS8 yesterday. Everything looks fine, works fine.

There was just one glitch, automatic brightness is too dark, very hard to see the screen. I turned it off, upped the brightness, then turned off and on, then reset (hold down power and ‘home’ button at the same time until it restarts.) This seems to have fixed it.

The changes to the keyboard are GREAT!

So for at least iPhone 5 and newer, I recommend upgrading. Because what I say matters so much.

1 thought on “iOS8 Works Fine On iPhone 5 – Upgrade Recommended

  1. I’ve wiped and restored my iPad Mini (non retina). Looks nice, but waiting a bit to do my iPhone 4s – both devices have the same brain, but the iPhone is more necessary in my life, just in case there is an issue with the update on older devices. Gonna wander over to a retailer later next week to look at the iPhone 6. Just want to see it in person, since I’m not at a point where I can upgrade to the latest and greatest of anything. It can’t hurt to look, can it?

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