iOS7 Not For People Over 40

If you have to use glasses to read, then the new iPhone OS is not for you. They made all kinds of things too small to read (or even to see in many cases), especially in the Music app. I’d guess that Apple has too few people over 40 to tell them this.

PS To second comment: I started one of the first Mac software companies.

2 thoughts on “iOS7 Not For People Over 40

  1. I’m 76, and I like it a lot. I find the clarity of the retina display allows me to read clearly text that is way smaller than I’d be comfortable with on my laptop. Also, there is a setting that allows you to set text to bold, increase contrast, and display at a larger size; it does not, however, work in every app.

  2. I will assume you are massively uninformed, because otherwise you’re just trolling. iOS 7 has the most extensive adaptation to low vision of any OS in history.

    Start by making the font bold: Settings > Accessibility > Bold Text

    Then increase the default font size: Settings > Accessibility > Larger Type

    If that is not enough, you can go into Settings > Accessibility > Zoom and you can enable a gesture to double-tap 3 fingers to zoom the screen in any application. It’s sort of like double-tapping to zoom in Mobile Safari. You do know about zooming in Safari, right?

    If that is still not enough, you can use other Accessibility settings that make the entire interface available to people with total blindness. Here is detailed information via a link to the National Federation of the Blind.’s-new-ios-7-accessibility-individuals-who-are-blind-deaf-blind-or-who-have-low

    My niece is legally blind due to retinal detachment. She can’t see anything beyond 3 inches, but she can read a book if it’s in large print and 3 inches from her eyes. She struggled through school with ridiculous accessibility devices, like magnifying machines with a big TV screen that she had to put her face up against to read. I told my sister that she should buy her an iPhone, the camera app would work as well as any magnifying device, and she would be able to see the world in real time, through the camera screen. Now she almost lives in the photo app. If she wants to read something, she takes a picture of it and zooms in. She constantly takes digital photos of everything and everyone around her, and she uploads dozens of pictures every day to her Facebook page.

    Ferchrissake Dave, blind people can operate an iPhone, why can’t you? What the hell is wrong with you? You have criticized Apple for the one thing they do better than anyone else, something they did BEFORE anyone else, accessibility for the disabled. Apple has a department just to deal with accessibility issues, it was established in 1980 for assistive devices on the Apple II. Millions of people who have never been able to use a computer, can use Apple’s accessibility options in both MacOS and iOS. And you have the NERVE to criticize Apple because you think you need to wear glasses to see an iPhone?

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