IN The Convention Hall At Last

I picked up my credential this morning, and this evening made my way to the security perimeter, and then got in the line to go through the “security tent.” Here is a photo of the line:
The convention hall is a big sports arena. It’s crowded:
All the seats are already full. Really full. But I found a seat. Here is the view:
Yes, this is BEHIND the stage. But it is a seat and it is IN the hall itself!
So after enough of this I found the Blogger Press Room:
And put up this post. Like I said before, I’ll put up videos later when I can.
Update I just learned that there are good blogger seats if you get there early and claim one.

1 thought on “IN The Convention Hall At Last

  1. The Blogger’s Press Room photo bears little resemblance to the Blogospere in Boston ’04. I’d love to see it- again, I’m an OR Delegate, no press credentials. -Becky

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