If Iran And Islamofascists Are A Threat: What Bush Must Do

News story: Bush: ‘Preposterous’ to suggest intelligence on Iran is wrong.
President Bush says that the United States faces a threat from Iran, and has repeatedly said that we are in a war for our very existence against what he calls “Islamofascists.”
Perhaps he is right. But there is a problem. President Bush previously said that Iraq was threatening us with weapons of mass destruction. He even said it was an “imminent” threat and therefore we had to invade that country.
That hasn’t turned out so well. So now President Bush has a credibility problem. He “cried wolf.” He used up his ability to come to us and say we need to believe him.
So if President Bush REALLY believes that the country faces this terrible threat that he says we face, he needs to recognize that his credibility problem is in the way of the country’s ability to believe him. If he means it there is only one way the country will respond.
He must step aside to allow a leader who the public can trust to tell us about this threat. Not him.
If there is a threat I need to hear it from someone I trust. I don’t trust Bush and neither does the country.

3 thoughts on “If Iran And Islamofascists Are A Threat: What Bush Must Do

  1. If you give this whole thing a few minutes thought, aren’t most of the deaths of American military being caused by the Sunnis and not the Shiites? Seems to me that we’ve got ourselves in the middle of a civil war, fighting on the side of the Shiites? Even assuming that the Iranian Persian Shiites would support the Iraqi Arabic Shiites, for whom they seem to hold considerable contempt, and keeping in mind that Iraq and Iran recently fought a very long war and probably don’t have all that much love for each other, if we’re supporting the Shiites and being killed by the Sunnis, IF Iran is helping the Shiites by providing arms to them, aren’t Iran and the US both fighting on the same side? If you can follow that and see what I mean?

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