I Quit Twitter. Is Trump In Jail Yet?

I got off Twitter, for a while at least, and it’s wonderful. My concentration is returning. I’m able to go to the bathroom without my phone. And I’m even writing a blog post! (For better or worse.)

But I have a few questions:

– Has Trump or anyone at the top of things been held accountable for anything yet? I mean actually indicted for their crimes — not “stern letters” from Democratic senators. (Remember that report that detailed how Trump committed Obstruction but couldn’t be indicted because he was resident? Tell the Justice Dept. he’s not president anymore.) (PS His lawyer went to jail for a crime he committed with Trump but Trump couldn’t be indicted because he was president. Tell the Justice Dept. he’s not president anymore.)

– Have Dems in Congress passed anything since that first Covid relief bill? Anything at all? I know the House has passed bill after bill after bill. But Dems campaigned on “vote for us and we’ll fix things” so we did and they control the House, Senate and Presidency. So what happened to the “We’ll fix things” part of “vote for us”? (Before you send excuses about Senate rules, remember that the Dem majority also makes the Senate rules.) (Don’t send me the ins and outs of drama involving individuals. If those individuals still have parking places, bathroom privileges, a travel budget and the phones in their office work it means no one is trying. It means Dems don’t really want to get things done.)

– Also why haven’t Dems told the public about what’s in that one thing they did pass?

– And on the topic of getting things done, wasn’t there going to be an infrastructure bill that addressed the climate crisis? It’s been months of nothing. Look around, forests are on fire around the world!

– Is that guy still running the Post Office? Shouldn’t he be in jail?

– Why has it taken Democrats 7 months to hold the first hearing in the 1/6 investigation? 1/6 was pretty serious. Didn’t that give the plotters time to shred everything?

I could go on, but you get the picture. It’s the Obama administration all over again. Republicans block everything while Dems with the power to stop that won’t stop that. Is this another 4-year Jimmy Carter pause between bad and much worse?

PS Dems, take a look at what’s happening around the world in places like Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines, India, etc. This is a worldwide fascist movement, using the same techniques, telling the same lies. They aren’t going to work with you, they’re going to do what they can to destroy democracy.

Don’t wait until Dunkirk to take them seriously, like what happened last time.