How Widespread Is Vote Fraud?

Republicans are accusing ACORN, Obama and Democrats in general of “massive vote fraud” based on problem registrations.
Here is the fact: “From 2002 to 2005 only one person was found guilty of registration fraud. Twenty people were found guilty of voting while ineligible and five people were found guilty of voting more than once.”

That is the entire United States. 26 examples of vote fraud in four years. THIS is what Fox News, CNN, all of talk radio, all the right-wing blogs, etc. are going on about 24 hours a day right now — 26 cases in four years.

Reference: Lorraine C. Minnite, [ “An Analysis of Voter Fraud in The United States,”] DÄ“mos, Undated, (Adapted from the 2003 report Securing The Vote, by L. Minnite and D. Callahan, with updates.)
From The Progress Report: The Truth About Voter Fraud

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