Gun Lobby Calls For Law Making Schools Buy Guns – From Them

Here is a surprise, the gun manufacturers called for a new national law requiring all schools to buy guns – from them.
LA Times: A defiant NRA calls for armed guards in every school,

National Rifle Assn. Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre on Friday forcefully rejected calls to clamp down on guns in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre, arguing instead for a massive deployment of armed guards to every school.
LaPierre pledged that the NRA would spearhead such an endeavor, appointing former Arkansas Rep. Asa Hutchinson to lead an effort to develop a cutting-edge model school security plan and a program to train volunteers who would be dispatched to campuses around the country.

This is the same crowd that objects to Obamacare because it orders us to buy insurance from the giant insurance companies.

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  1. c’mon Dave! You’re supposed to be an objective journalist. Or are you? Are you reporting new data for people to chew on or just being a typical wannabe with a very predictable profile?

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