2 thoughts on “Grateful Dead 1967

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  2. That was a hopeful era, but by post-Reagan standards, wildly naive. Just because something works doesn’t mean we should do it. Why would people have thought there might be less war if we stopped invading foreign countries, launching wars? Or that we could reduce poverty by aiding the poor (OK, so welfare did enable over 80% of recipients to quit welfare for work by the time their children started school, and the US reached its height of shared wealth AND productivity, from WWll until the1980s, largely because of those awful welfare programs, but that’s not the point.) What insanity to consider working cooperatively, each according to his/her abilities, for the (eek!) common good! The list goes on. Damn hippies (I miss you all — Electric George, Liz, JP, the Co-op crowd, etc.).

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