Fox Now Pushing Euthenasia Story

Here is a clip from Fox, promoting the story that kids in wheelchairs will be put to death by Obama’s health care plan, with an additional incitement that Pelosi is sending thugs to visit people at night to threaten them. “The elderly will be discarded” etc…
Go watch: ‘Concerned father’ on Fox: Obama’s health-care reforms ‘sentencing our families to death’ | Crooks and Liars.
Watch all the way to the end. There is no question they are trying to rile people up to an extreme degree and incite violence now.

1 thought on “Fox Now Pushing Euthenasia Story

  1. This father that was interviewed does not have a political agenda, he was just emotional over the idea that his son would not have coverage under the new health care legislation. As a father of a special needs child, I can definitely relate, however, I would not have been screaming and shouting in front of my son the way he was doing…it was very uncomfortable to watch…I kept thinking what was running through his son’s mind to have to endure all of that.

    Support autism awareness!

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