Election Day Is Not The End Of The Fight, It Is The Beginning Of The Fight

Nicole Sandler is back on the air! Sandler is one of the best progressive media people out there and has been doing her show daily for years. Wednesday she interviewed Mike Lux, in her first regular broadcast since her battle with lung cancer.

Mike Lux is a progressive who recently became a senior adviser at the Democratic National Committee, working for Donna Brazile. The interview with Lux begins at around 32:40.

Near the end of the interview (beginning at 59:45) Nicole and Mike talk about how the real fights for progressives really begin after the election.

“That’s when the hard work begins. … then we hold [Clinton] accountable for every promise that she made,” says Sandler.

“Exactly,” says Lux. “The end of the game is not election day, that’s the beginning of it. … she has pledged to us that she is going to follow a progressive agenda. But once that happens then is the time that we work on Hillary and not just Hillary but Congress, and state legislatures to start passing progressive policy. The Democratic platform this year is the most progressive it’s ever been … we need to turn that platform into reality by holding Democrats’ feet to the fire, hold them accountable. … The way you change things in this country … is push like crazy.”

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