Electing Different People Isn’t What We Need

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Are you disappointed in the results of the health care reform fight? Do you feel swamped by all the conservative/corporate “talking heads” on the right? I think progressives should work to reach the public and create demand for progressive policies. But to do this we need to build “progressive infrastructure” institutions that employ people to blog, write op-eds, appear on TV and radio, write books, and generally push for progressive solutions to our problems.
How do we build a movement that brings about change, instead of relying on politicians to make it happen?
Electing Different People Won’t Make Much of a Difference.
Go read this and donate some money to help make it happen. How much did you give to Obama’s campaign? Well that money just went up into the air for TV ads. Campaign ads do not change the public’s long-term thinking.
We have to change people’s minds. We have to reach out to the public and explain to them the benefits to them of a progressive approach. We have to create demand for progressive policies and candidates.
THAT will change the things that are happening in Washington.