Democracy Is Rising In The States

Madison. Occupy… Now in North Carolina it’s Moral Mondays. In Texas it’s a filibuster, hundreds of thousands watching online, and the spectator gallery goes nuts when Republicans try to shut down the speaker. In Pennsylvania low-wage workers are sleeping in teh capitol. In Nebraska it’s Pipeline Fighters. What’s happening in your state?


Corporate-funded Republicans took over in Wisconsin and passed laws restricting democracy and unions. People turned out at the state capitol in protest. Here are Wisconsin protesters chanting: “Tell me what democracy looks like. THIS is what democracy looks like!”


Then people started showing up for Occupy. All over the country in late 2011 people were showing up at thousands of Occupy events across the country.

I was in Oakland when tens of thousands of people turned out for a day of protest in that city.

North Carolina: Moral Mondays

Now people are turning out every Monday in Raliegh to protest cruel cuts by corporate-funded Republicans.
Raleigh News & Observer: Moral Monday crowds swell in week 8; first protestors appear in court,

Nearly 120 people were arrested and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and failure to disperse on command. That brings the total number of arrests to almost 600 on the same day that the first wave of protesters made their first appearance in Wake County District Court.

I wrote about Moral Mondays in North Carolina State Senator Calls ‘Moral Monday’ Protesters ‘Moral Morons’.

This video is from the June 3 Moral Monday rally:

Texas: Citizens Turn Out In Support Of Wendy Davis

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis held a 13-hour filibuster to block Repuboicans from shutting down most of the state’s women’s clinics and outlawing many reproductive medical services. When Republlicans broke with proper parliamentary procedure to force her to sop, citizens in the banlcony stood up and shouted down the Republicans, holding things still until the midnight end of the legislstive session.

Pennsylvania: Low-Wage Workers Hold Sleep-in In Capitol

In Pennsylvania a number of low-wage workers are holding a vigil in the state capitol.

PennLive: Medicaid expansion proponents to sleep in the Capitol ‘until their voices are heard’,

Deeming themselves, “the faces of Medicaid expansion,” at least 10 people will sleep overnight Wednesday in the Capitol building outside Senate Democratic leaders’ offices. Event participants said they chose to stick on the side of the Democrats, because leaders on the left have mostly supported the cause.

The staging of the sleep-in was put together by several organizations including the Service Employees International Union and the Philadelphia Unemployment Project. Earlier Wednesday, dozens of demonstrators from those organizations staged a “sick-in” at the governor’s residence where they chanted and pretended to be sick.

Medical Emergency in Pennsylvania Capitol; Uninsured Activists Begin Occupation for Medicaid Expansion

A dozen uninsured Pennsylvanians have set up a camp inside the State Capitol to support Senate Democrats in their fight to pass Medicaid expansion in the state budget. The group wants to serve as a 24-hour a day reminder to legislators that the decision whether to expand Medicaid could have a life-or-death impact on peoples’ lives. They say they will stay until their voices are heard.

This is a video from insde the PA capitol:

Nebraska: Pipeline Fighters

In Nebraska Pipeline Fighters are holding meetings across the state and organizing, getting their countries to pass zoning laws forbidding tar sands pipelines from crossing through.

One example, from earlier this money: Norfolk Daily News, Pipeline fighters stand their ground,

NELIGH — Continue to fight the good fight.

That’s the message landowners affected by the proposed Keystone XL project heard Wednesday evening from members of Bold Nebraska, NEAT (Nebraska Easement Action Team) and the Nebraska Farmers Union.

Updates were presented to about 50 area residents at a “pipeline fighter” meeting here as opponents worked to capitalize on a resolution passed by the Holt County Board of Supervisors in April that bars tar sands and crude oil pipelines in the county.

Your State

Is democracy rising up in your state? If not, why are you sitting somewhere reading this instead of rising up and getting people organized?

If democracy IS rising up in your state leave a comment, or otherwise let me know!


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  1. Some efforts have been made to strengthen democracy for some people. It’s good to see some groups speak up, and I do hope such efforts are contagious. Still, I think Occupy defines this generation and era. What began as a powerful people’s movement that was likely to change the course we’re on was quickly redefined as being exclusively a movement of middle class workers, the better-off. So, the rest of us walked away, and despite efforts to revive it, Occupy died. Media marketed to liberals jumped on the Middle Class Only bandwagon, alienating most progressives. The reality is that the middle class has the money and the numbers to determine our politics and policies. For that matter, they have the power to shut down the US economy if they think government is failing to represent them. If they do nothing, they deserve nothing. As long as the post-middle class/poor remain under a separate set of laws and rights, democracy here is an illusion.

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