Brilliant! AND Funny!

This is brilliant: Satan Speaks to Santorum – and Has Some Words For Sarah Palin Too |

You already talk about me like you know me. Have we met? You do look familiar, but I meet so many guys in your line of work – lobbying, that is. Oh, right, you’re a politician too. When it comes to politicians, let’s just say we’ve always got a quorum down here! Talk about your “smoke-filled rooms” …
Oh, wait. Maybe you haven’t figured out who I am. Please allow me to introduce myself – I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Work Hard, It Pays Off — But Not For You

Please read the whole thing, it just nails what today’s economy is about: All Of Area Man’s Hard Work Finally Pays Off For Employer | The Onion,

Following seven straight years of long hours at the office and sacrificed weekends and holidays, all of account manager Sam Hemstead’s hard work and single-minded devotion to Pinnacle Automotive Insurance has finally paid off for CEO Charles Pardahee, Pardahee said Friday.
… The stress-related physical and psychological tolls for Hemstead, 34, have been high, but the hypertension, weight-gain, and crippling migraine headaches he has suffered due to his rigorous work schedule have been worth the rewards he has reaped for his employer, Pardahee confirmed.

Amish Haircut Attacks – What Did You Expect?

OK, there is an Amish cult that is attacking traditional Amish and cutting their hair. Here’s the thing, the cult is run by a guy name MULLET. What else would you expect from a guy with the name Mullet? See Ohio Sheriff: Latest Amish Haircutting Victim Attacked By His Son | TPMMuckraker


I Can Get You Your Money Back!

Action Line

Q I played the sweepstakes I received in the mail and won $2-3 million and a car. They wanted me to pay for insurance and cover delivery charges. I paid $300 to these people. Then they said they need another $300. Then they said that $50 would be the last payment. I paid over $600. OK. Maybe I’m stupid, but I played, and they said that I won. I have $9.24 left in the bank.

I can get you your money back. It will only cost you $9.24.