Calling People Communists

Calling people “Communists” is back in style… In this case, people who talk about “The Commons” or “Common Good” are “Socialists.” Others call them “collectivists.” (?!)
Fine with me. I believe we’re all in this together. I believe that people sticking up for each other and watching out for each other is a better approach to life than the conservative “on your own” and “everyone out for themselves” and “get what you can and screw everyone else” approach. Moral values, and all that…
Go read this silly post: GOP Bloggers :: If It Walks Like a Socialist and Quacks Like a Socialist

1 thought on “Calling People Communists

  1. This actually raises some very serious problems, especially when it’s applied to things like the disaster planning and what our cities are doing to prepare. I’m getting very involved in this one because NYC, which did such a brilliant job of getting us through 9/11 because it had been holding practice drills since 1993 when the first attempt to bring down the Twin Towers failed, is now bombarding us with brochures and meetings about what we’re supposed to do if there’s a hurricane or other disaster. The message is — we’re on our own! We saw how well this worked in New Orleans. Locally, we also had a frightening demonstration of it this summer when there was a power outage in Queens that affected over 100,000 people, many trapped in high rise apartment buildings and the city completely ignored this for four days, until the local politicians began to go to the press and scream their heads off. Then, finally, the city and the Red Cross reluctantly began to distribute food, water, and ice at last. The outage lasted for almost two weeks!
    At this point I could write a book on this subject, and maybe I should before they manage to kill people. I’m getting involved in city government over this because the “advice” they’re spouting gets more and more bizarre and removed from reality. When it comes to dealing with emergencies, the only thing that works is that concept of the common good and community.

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