Bush Wants A Fight? Raise The Stakes!

This is the conclusion of Steve Soto’s piece last Tuesday, If White House Wants A Firefight On Its Credibility, Democrats Should Give Them One:

But while they are at it, Democrats should go ahead and expand the firefight to raise the stakes into an overall attack against the credibility of the Administration on a variety of fronts. Democrats could not only go after the lies that led up to the March 18, 2003 letter to Congress that started the war. They could also talk about how the Administration lied to Congress about the Medicare drug benefit. They could talk about the lies told to sell the country on the upper income tax cuts. They could talk about the lies told by the administration about who leaked Valerie Plame’s name. They could talk about the lies told by the administration about Social Security. They could talk about the lies told by the administration about how much the Iraq would, and continues to cost the taxpayers.
You get the idea. By returning fire on an issue of weakness, which is a signature Rovian tactic, the White House now invites a full-scale attack by Democrats on the issue of this administration’s pattern of deceit and lies to the American people. The Democrats should welcome this door opening by Rove, and drive a truck right through it.

1 thought on “Bush Wants A Fight? Raise The Stakes!

  1. The democrats have a bounty of things they could confront the president on, starting with the 2000 election, the 9/11 fiasco when no agency or individual did what they were supposed to do and the result was that the planes were ALLOWED to complete their missions. The fact that we watched Bush continue his photo opt even after he was informed that this country was under attack. The fact that even though the World Trade Center was a crime scene, all the steel was removed before it could be examined and sold overseas. There is still question of how these buildings came down when this had never happened before and the temp. of the fire was much lower than is needed to melt steel. The fact that even though all flights were cancelled, the Bin Laden family was flown out of the country on commerical and privately chartered airplanes by the orders of the White House BEFORE these people could be questioned by the FBI. Then the miraculous switch of the contents of the Patriot Act, the “bumbled” chase of Bin Laden, the switch to Saddam, the lies about WMD’s, the harping on the fact that Saddam used WMD on Iran (even though this was done with our blessing at the time), the fact that he turned these weapons on his own people (which we knew about at the time but turned our backs), the “disinterest” in getting Bin Laden, the switch in the reason for going into Iraq from WMD’s to getting Saddam (which we have had for a while now) to bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq. So far the only freedom the Iraqi people have seen is violent death. The list goes on and on including the removal of most of the rights of free speech, the right to a free press, and the unwritten right not to have to fear our government. The democrats could have attacked the repubs on any of a number of these things but have chosen to remain silent. By their silence I must conclude that they agree with these changes and approve of what is being done to the American people as well as to the people of the world. Yes, I do belive that it’s time for a third party. There are a few democrats who speak out on occasion but it’s too seldom and they lack the courage to support each other. This was really shown after Murtha’s speech when the repubs lined up to speak against Murtha but there was not one dem to support him. How very sad for all of us.

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