Bring Back the Draft – And Taxes

During VietNam we had a draft and taxes covered the cost, which meant that the voters felt the pain of war. If we had a draft do you think the public would ever let us get into a war unless we were attacked? The reason conservatives are against a draft (and taxes) is because they want their wars.
The conservatives seem to think the world is just a big Risk game and doesn’t matter what you do because the little pieces you move around the board are from other people’s families anyway.
If there were a draft now I think there would never have been a war in the first place. This is one reason we need a draft. If we HAD one we wouldn’t need to USE it. Would the public passively allow wars like Iraq if there were a draft, or taxes to pay for it? And if there were a draft, and taxes that covered the costs of government, I think people would start voting again – because the things government does really would affect them.
And if we ARE attacked, don’t we need to have a draft in place so we’re ready?

1 thought on “Bring Back the Draft – And Taxes

  1. Turning the power of compulsory military service over to a deranged government, would be like handing a loaded revolver to someone in an institution for the criminally insane.
    And what would be the result in the present political climate? You have a bamboozled American public that has been hearing the same stupid militaristic propaganda for thirty years, the same heartless abstractions that are always used as rationalizations for the death of civilians and the deposing of foreign governments.
    What would Rumsfeld do with millions, or hundreds of thousands, of conscripts? Didn’t you see the 410 hands shoot up in the US House last week? They (if not we) are onboard for Israel’s gross and hysterical war of destruction in Lebanon. Newt Gingrich and other lunatics are out there in the public space, saying it’s already World War III and that the President should make it official.
    The Armageddon faction is all for a World War, so why don’t we hand these frothing nimrods a conscript army at this frightening, fateful moment of history? You’ve got to be kidding, Dave.
    I think the last 4 stanzas of W. H. Auden’s Danse Macabre pretty well sums it up:
    “So Little John, Long John , Peter and Paul,
    And poor litttle Horace with only one ball,
    You shall leave your breakfast, your desk and your play
    On a fine summer morning the Devil to slay.
    For it’s order and trumpet and anger and drum
    And power and glory command you to come.
    The graves shall fly open and let you all in,
    And the earth shall be emptied of mortal sin.
    The fishes are silent deep in the sea.
    The skies are lit up like a Christmas tree,
    The star in the West shoots its warning cry:
    “Mankind is alive, but Mankind must die.”
    So good-bye to the house with its wallpaper red,
    Good-bye to the sheets on the warm double bed,
    Good-bye to the beautiful birds on the wall.
    It’s good-bye, dear heart, good-bye to you all.”

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