Bold Progressives

Bold Progressives,

Please email the below message to your progressive friends and family.
This week, Democrats helped George W. Bush and Republicans loot the federal treasury and hand billions over to Wall Street.
For some reason, we can never find money for kids’ health care, clean energy, or other progressive priorities. But when it comes to right-wing priorities like war and giveaways to failed Wall Street executives, Republicans always find the money and Democrats go along.
There were progressive solutions to the financial crisis that would have truly held Wall Street accountable and helped the middle class. But instead of fighting for a bold progressive alternative, Democrats caved to the least popular president in history.
ENOUGH. Anyone with common sense will vote for Barack Obama and Democratic congressional candidates this November. But it’s time for citizens to fight back and take this pledge — will you join in signing it?

“In 2009 and beyond, I will be part of the movement that pushes Democrats to be bold progressives — and that helps pass a bold progressive agenda into law.”

Go read the rest and sign the pledge! And tell others!

2 thoughts on “Bold Progressives

  1. That is the dumbest fucking crap. Why will center right democrats (the vast majority of them) EVER do anything for you if your idea of common sense is to vote for them REGARDLESS? The ONLY way you can get a progressive government is to vote for a progressive government. When you vote for democrats, you are voting AGAINST a progressive government. Your idea of common sense is suicide.

  2. until we can figure out how to get to minimize or get rid of corporate domination in govt — there will always be money for them, and none for health car — but we cannot stop trying

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