Bloggers Were Warning About A Coming Financial Crash

Atrios notes Greenspan saying “nobody could have predicted.” He was writing about it in 12.07. I’m sure he was writing about it earlier.
My Housing Bubble archives go back to April, 2005, but only because I switched over from the terrible Blogspot blogging system. I was already titling my posts “Today’s Housing Bubble Post” (sometimes several a day.)
This one in March, 2005, ends with, “How many of you remember the Savings and Loan crisis, and the root causes?”
September, 2004, “let’s see, massive trade deficits, massive budget deficits, housing price bubble, dollar overpriced, interest rates held unnaturally low… LOTS of rubber bands ready to snap back just after the election… Watch your backs!”
Here is one from July, 2002, the very first month of this blog. Not housing, but warning about another part of the current problem: The Pension Problem – “at least 50 WorldComs”