Blog Birthday, 8 Years!

It is the eighth birthday of Seeing the Forest.
skippy is 8 years old. Pen-Elayne on the Web is 8 years old. Atrios is four months older (scroll to the bottom.) Liberal Oasis was June, 2002. Daily Kos was May, 2002. MyDD was even older. Credit where it is due: Dave Winer (scroll alllllll… the way down for a real shock).
8 years is many, many lifetimes in internet time. This blogging career enabled me to be the first person ever to post a picture of my dog from a national political convention and they can never take that away from me! (When you get there scroll down a bit, but then scroll up a few posts for another.)
To celebrate, here is a favorite post from August 2005, The Trade Problem:

View of San Francisco from Sausalito.

See how this ship is riding high off the water? This ship is loaded with empty containers, bound for China.

Ships come into the port loaded with goods that we buy from China. But China doesn’t buy very much from us. So we have to send ships back loaded with empty containers. (Well almost empty, they’re actually filled with dollars, and jobs, and the future.)

Or scroll through the Housing Bubble series starting in 2005. But who could have known?