Big Day Of Action To Fix Senate – Call Senators at 1-866-937-5062

The Senate is completely broken, with a minority obstructing everything. Minority. Obstructing. Every. Thing. Everything. There were more than 380 filibusters in just the last few years! In a few days the Senate will vote on fixing this and making them talk if they feel it is important to block a bill, instead of just blocking bills. If we are going to fix the Senate so the majority will can get things done, your senators need to hear from you immediately. Tell them to make them talk.

Next week is the only chance for two years for the Senate to change the rules and Fix the Filibuster. So today is a day of action, asking people across the country to call your senators.

Call your senators at 1-866-937-5062 and demand change. Tell them to make them talk.

Make Them Talk

The idea behind the filibuster is that when the minority thinks a new law violates their rights they can hold it up and give themselves and their supporters time to rally the public and make their case. They used to take to the floor of the Senate and talk, and talk, and talk, keeping any action from proceeding. This was an important tool that gave the minority a real voice in the Senate.

It is important to preserve this ability of a minority to force a pause and have time to make their case.

But some time back the Senate changed the rules so they could supposedly move things alone. The rule change lets senators filibuster without having to talk all night. Now a radical, extreme minority is blocking everything. Today Senators regularly hold “silent” filibusters, stopping important legislation without ever having to stand on the floor of the Senate to explain why. They tried to make it easier to get things done and as a result they can’t get anything done.

This has to be fixed. They have to return to making them talk.

Call your senators at 1-866-937-5062 and demand change. Tell them to make them talk.

This is the day. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Call your senators at 1-866-937-5062 and tell them you want them to Fix the Filibuster.

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture. I am a Fellow with CAF.
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