Apple’s Extreme Prices Finally Hurting Them

One thing Apple is famous for is its “premium pricing.” Meaning gouge their customers for everything they can get, because they are “locked in” to the Apple ecosystem. This practice seems to have finally backfired on the company — people are just sick of it.

Example: the new iPhone (the one with the maps that send people to the wrong places) has a new connector. You can only get it from Apple. $19. An adapter to let you use the new iPhone with the old devices? $39. Never mind that the phone itself costs so much.

The new iPad mini? Starts at $329, but no GPS. To get a GPS is another $130!

I bought a Nexus 7 tablet instead, and I have to say it is so much better than an iPad! The OS is so much more flexible, can do so much more.

But it’s when you start looking for a laptop computer that the Apple pricing really bites you in the ass. A 15″ Macbook Pro starts at $1799! That’s with a 5400 RPM drive. Moving up to a 7200 RPM drive is $150 more, and this is not even a “hybrid” drive that is part SSD! You are literally paying double what you would pay for a comparable PC.

Apple is so over… and they did it to themselves.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s Extreme Prices Finally Hurting Them

  1. Who are you trying to convince the Nexus is better than the iPad? You might even convince yourself, if you didn’t constantly compare your tablet to the iPad you really wanted. If you stopped mouthing other peoples’ criticisms about Apple, you might even get rid of the taste of sour grapes.

  2. You may be right about Apple having peaked, but I’ve seen an awful lot of my friends and relatives move to Apple products over the last year or two. For example, a retired couple we know who have always been very careful with their money, bought an iMac and an iPad. The iMac left them under budget, so they spent the change on an iPad. My sister, who is a serious comparison shopper bought a MacBook Air, To be honest, I was surprised. She’s always been a PC person. Our long time Blackberry friends, faced with the need for replacement phones, went for a pair of iPhones rather than Androids.

    I’ve been buying Apple products for decades. Every so many years I’d go through a comparison shopping ritual where i”d put together my system requirements and price a new machine. There were always lots of inexpensive PCs available, but every time I added in the extra memory, the slightly faster processor, or the bigger hard drive, I’d wind up paying roughly the same as I would for a Mac. If you’ve ever shopped for a computer online from Dell or HP, and you didn’t want the “special of the day”, you wouldn’t be talking about nickle and diming one’s customers.

    Is the Apple era over? Who knows? Steve Jobs always reminded me of Henry Ford (without the bigotry). He was always introducing neat new things that lots of people wanted to buy. He kept the number of choices limited as in “any color you wanted as long as it was black”. He was always at the edge of bankruptcy. Surely, his goose was cooked this time. Of course, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs are both dead, but Ford survived without Henry, so Apple may well survive without Steve.

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