Apple Wants YOU To Fix Their Maps

The new Maps app in iOS6 is just terrible. Embarrassing. It is just corporate greed — they dropped Google so they could get ad dollars for themselves — while making the customer experience worse for us. (Another example, the smaller connector. Yes, they needed a new connector, no they do not need to charge us $30 for a little adapter — $40 for one with a little wire! That is just squeezing the customer, nothing else, just corporate greed.)
Here is how YOU are supposed to help Apple fix their maps, so they can make ad dollars instead of Google: How to add a location or report a problem in iOS 6 Maps.
They call this “crowdsourcing” but really it is having the crowd work for free and then harvesting the returns for themselves.
Hey, here’s an idea: give the people who help fix the maps some of the hundreds of millions that will be made selling $30-$40 adapters!
This has really turned me off from Apple products. Coming on the heels of the stories about how the slaves in China are treated, this really does undo the positive feelings I had about the brand.
Looking seriously at Android phones, tablets, maybe even Windows 8. (Well – talk about negative brands and corporate greed, though… Microsoft?)
P.S. Apple Maps uses Yelp for info about businesses. That’s the company that allegedly shakes down business owners along the lines of: you pay us, people see good reviews but if you don’t pay us, people see bad reviews. Talk about negative brand associations, wow.