Another Dedicated To #ows

Absolute must hear this: The Haunted Windchimes, A Ballad Of Human Progress:

Ballad of Human Progress
(I. Lujan)
There’s an old country road, leads to a river
An old wooden fence, surrounds all the sinners
Who stand by their graves
wonderin’ what they done wrong
There’s a train whistle blowing
Across a fiery dessert
In search for the New Land
There treacherous weather
Is headin’ for the mountain
To preach a brand new way
And it’s full of politicians, bankers and lawyers
A fast talking man, been armed to destroy us
And keep us from the truth
Consume, consume, consume.
Lies, lies
Don’t believe them, don’t believe them
and westward the head
Ravaging the villages
They burn all the dead
Their world is for the privileged
And you’re not one of them
You’re just a number
So they came up with races, boarders and fences
And job occupations, and classifications
Their aimed to conquer, divide, divide, divide
Lies, lies
Don’t believe them, don’t believe them
We’re just one race, one color, one number
We’re just one man, one father, one mother
We must unite, before they take our lives