AFN Conference Early Bird Discount

Campaign for America’s Future has a yearly conference in DC. It used to be called Take Back America. Now it is called America’s Future Now and will be June 7-9.
Today is the last day that people can register for America’s Future Now! and get Early Bird discounts. They are in effect until midnight ET.

Join progressive activists who are ready to turn Washington upside down.
Forge the strategy that will:
– Take on the corporate lobbies that stand in the way.
– Drive the movement for jobs NOW.
– Create the reform majority and challenge both obstructionist Republicans and compromised Democrats.
Join these speakers:
Van Jones, Phil Angelides, Arianna Huffington, Gov. Howard Dean, Deepak Bhargava, Anna Burger, James Rucker, Peter Lewis, Rep. Donna Edwards, Rep. Alan Grayson.

Click here to go to the registration page.