AARP: Social Security Should Not Be Part Of Deficit Discussion

Social Security does not contribute to the deficit in any way. The government has borrowed money from the program, not the other way around. Complaints about the need to come up with money to pay for people retiring are because Republicans used Social Security money to give tax cuts to the rich, and now that the money is supposed to be paid back so it can fund people’s retirements — which means getting the money from where the money went — they are trying to make people think the greedy old people shouldn’t be paid.
AARP: Social Security Should Not Be Part Of Deficit Discussion.
Here are facts: Social Security has a huge trust fund, and is self-funded. (Compare that to the huge military budget!) It is not in any kind of “trouble.” The propaganda that it is “going broke” is part of a strategic plan hatched by corporate conservatives to prepare the public for accepting the dismantling of the program, nothing more. I have written about this many times. Here is one post that lays this out.
AARP had to be pressured by progressives to stand up for Social Security. From the story,

Three progressive organizations — Social Security Works, Credo Action and the blog — launched campaigns aimed at pressuring AARP to stand up for Social Security after HuffPost reported that the elderly lobby was planning to host a high-level “salon-style conversation” with deficit hawks and advocates of cutting Social Security. Tens of thousands — including thousands of AARP members — signed petitions urging AARP not to support benefit cuts.