Bribe Senior through Junior

The White House is still refusing to release the SEC files from the investigation of Bush’s insider sales of Harken stock, as well as the minutes of Harken Board meetings.

We need to see the SEC files to see whether it was just a cover-up of the President’s son’s illegal activities. Isn’t it obvious this is the reason they aren’t being released?

I think those Harken Board minutes are likely to show that Bush was not particularly involved in decisions on the Aloha Petroleum scam – but not for innocent reasons. I think that perhaps Bush’s involvement with Harken in the first place was part of a bribe to his father and had little to do with Bush himself. The company gives the President’s son all this money (and salary) for no reason, then it starts getting contracts with countries like Bahrain (more bribes to Dad – hire Junior’s company). Junior takes off to Washington and isn’t involved. Just collecting his checks.

But I really don’t think that Harken was particularly interested in having Junior around and involved in making any important decisions. I mean, really, would you?