Urgent – Call Congress For Stimulus

I received this from Bill Scher:

We are receiving word that right-wingers are flooding Congress with phone calls against the final deal. For this to pass on a wave of momentum that strengthens political will for further bold action, please get the word out to your networks and readers to call Congress TODAY in support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
The Americans United toll-free number 1-866-544-7573 that takes you to the congressional switchboard is still up, but people are having a hard time getting through to the switchboard because of the volume of calls. So I suggest giving people options.
Anyone can find out how to contact their House and Senate members directly, in Washington or at home, at these links.
And Campaign for America’s Future has an email tool you can point folks to at

After Stimulus — Then What?

Suppose the stimulus passes. In fact, imagine that triple or quadruple the stimulus passes. Fine. Then what?
What happens after the stimulus? Isn’t the stimulus just the next bubble — the next last gasp attempt to put off the reckoning? Isn’t it just borrowing another trillion or two to try to prop up an economic system that over and over again demonstrates that it just doesn’t work?
Of course we want to do this and do it right — infrastructure investment instead of squandering on tax cuts or military. People need to have jobs, so they can eat. And investment has a longer-term payoff.
But to what end? Suppose the stimulus magically enables things to get back to where they were. My favorite term from TV was that it is hoped it will “reignite the housing market.” Heh. So if the stimulus “works” do we continue to chew up the planet, cut all the trees, remove all the mountaintops, create vast landfills of tossed junk, and all work as near slaves to make a few vastly richer?