Zell Gone, Let’s Make Biden Next

Zell Miller is no longer in the Senate, undermining the Democratic Party. How about we work to get Joe Biden out, too?
Biden: Alito should get up-or-down vote,

Samuel Alito should get an up-or-down vote on his Supreme Court nomination, a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee said Sunday, playing down the chances of a filibuster.
. . . Other committee Democrats, however, said it was too soon to tell whether a filibuster might be necessary, citing initial concerns about Alito’s conservative record from the bench.

UpdateSpittle & Ink comments on Biden [NOTE – NOT WORK SAFE and set your coffee cup down before clicking],

Only a few short days after Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) forcibly grew the Democratic party a set of balls, Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) is moving to return the party to its neutered state.

12 thoughts on “Zell Gone, Let’s Make Biden Next

  1. Sadly, Joe Biden is a fool. Or at least he plays one on TV. Wny in God’s name does he continually find it necessary to surrender before he even knows what the terms of engaement are?
    He has done it again again. I can understand that Joe Biden thinks of himself and truly wants to be a stateman. And there have been times ehen I agrred with his analysis.
    But can anyone recall an honored statesman (as opposed to villified) that did not know how to play his hand?

  2. Ah, the purge of those deemed ideologically incorrect by the far left begins. What next, altering history and editing people out of photos?

  3. I suddenly had this eerie feeling. Like something familiar was right in front of me, but I just couldn’t see it. Weird. Does the name “Pericles” mean anything to anyone? I don’t know why that just popped into my head. Can’t think of anything related to that at all. Like I said, weird.

  4. Hmm. Harriet Miers’ nomination was pulled after she was deemed politically unreliable by the GOP’s most extreme right elements. But it’s the Dems who are guilty of reflexive ideological puritanism.

  5. JimBob-
    Well, that’s the myth the DemocRATS are spreading, but it ain’t true. The truth is the right, and the left, objected to her because she had no experience as a judge so she resigned her own nom.
    But, the truth don’t matter to the left, only convinient myths do.

  6. So, Pericles, the timing of Myers’ withdrawal the very evening AFTER Donald Wildmon did a “flip-flop” and stated that he didn’t feel that he or his organization could support her nomination was just pure coincidence? I think not. Especially when it was Myers’ comments regarding abortion RIGHTS and the law that made Wildmon so uneasy.

  7. Correction: My comment should have named James Dobson instead of Wildmon.
    Of course, there’s virtually zero difference between the two men’s philosophies.

  8. Biden will not get his comeuppance.
    But Ben Nelson is another story. He votes with the Republicans more than he votes with the Democrats. We need to get enough Dems in the Senate that he doesn’t matter as a warm body tipping the balance to the majority. I then advocate for kicking him out of the caucus.

  9. Pericles, you’re right that she was obviously unqualified, and that many Democrats (including me) opposed her for that reason. However, the notion that Bush cared at all what Democrats thought about the nomination is risible. The nomination went down because Miers didn’t look right politically to the Dobson wing.

  10. Democrats To Wait And See If Alito Is Confirmed Before Deciding Whether To Oppose Nomination

    Senator Joe Biden told reporters that democrats would not announce their views on the nominee until after Alito’s hearing and subsequent up-or-down vote on the nomination. But Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid would not rule out fierce opposition to Al…

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