Your Tax Dollars At Work

For Earth Day the House Committee on Resources has put up an anti-environmentalist website. Seriously. Go look at your government in action.
The “Links” page points to the Pacific Research Institute, one of the far-right, Scaife, Koch, etc.-funded “conservative movement” propaganda organizations.
Another link is titled “Clinton Report” because it is a Dept. of Energy report dated 1993, just after Clinton took office (Which really means it was prepared by the Bush I admin.). It talks about all the environmental benefits of oil drilling. Heh. But they just call it “Clinton Report” because that’s how they think – these are far-right operatives who see government as a tool for propagandizing and manipulating the public.
(Through Raw Story)

1 thought on “Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Good God, you’re not kidding! I especially love the bit about the environmental activists industry. We’re an industry? How do you figure that? How dare they use our tax money to spread crap like this? It ranks right up there with using our money to tell Africa to fight AIDS by using abstinence instead of condoms.

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