Your Tax Dollars At Work

Government and Party continue to merge…
A US Senate Committee – Environment and Public Works – press release with a “.gov” address smears Al Gore, claims global warming is “debunked” and sends citizens to a website named “junk science.”

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  1. Wow. And our tax dollars are paying for this. I checked out that website called Junk Science. You really have to go through their “training course” to find you what it’s all about. At the very end, called “What You Can Do About It,” to get the “real” facts you’re referred to right wing think tanks, for example the Cato Institute, for “real” science!
    There’s always discussion among scientists about the accuracy of the DETAILS of a theory. Their goal isn’t to debunk the theory but to refine it. One interesting example: polar bears. There have been articles about polar bears becoming extinct because of global warming. One group of scientists pointed out that they will become extinct in some areas but not in others. This was jumped on by those who oppose global warming for political reasons as “proving” that scientists don’t know what they’re talking about and there is no global warming. One scientist pointed out that the fate of polar bears is about polar bears WITHIN the context of global warming and whether or not they’ll become entirely extinct says nothing at all about whether global warming is, or is not, happening.
    One of the important factors in UNDERSTANDING the effects of global warming lies in refining the data to separate out the effects of cyclical weather patterns from those related to global warming itself in order to be able to recognize which is causing what. They’re doing that in order to be able to make better predictions about the likely effects of global warming That’s what is really going on in the articles cited in the debunking report Dave cites. None of the data cited implies that global warming doesn’t exist, only that other causes also have bad effects that have to be taken into consideration to understand the effects of global warming.

  2. Great press release! Nice to see the majority actually doing something to help the country.
    Very thoughtful reply from MJ. I would point out that the link to get the “real facts” does not list only right wing think tanks. The first group listed is the American Council on Science and Health. This is a group with a VOLUNTARY board of over 350 physicians and scientists. Their work is regularly peer reviewed, and has a long history of independently published scientific work.
    The concern over global warming is that advocacy groups, particlularly anti-capitalists, want to use the issue to advance their anti-American agendas. Patriots don’t like it when America is attacked. Doesn’t matter who is doing the attacking. We think we’re on a team. We think teams work together for the good of the team. God bless the majority for standing up on this one!

  3. C’mon Dave. In 2005 Exxon Corp donated over 130 million dollars to over 200 seperate chartiable, and research activities. Among the over 100 colleges to receive money were Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale. Are you saying that those schools are corporate fronts?
    As usual, when you have no logical argument, you attack the messenger and change the subject.

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