Your Privacy

Reading this Joe Conason piece in Salon, about Bush’s latest right-wingnut judicial nominee, I came across this line,

“Evidently Kuhl didn’t regard these outrages as an invasion of the patient’s privacy.”

Yesterday, reading this from BuzzFlash, The Karl Rove PR Machine Keeps All the Right Wing Shills on Message Point, Even Jerry Falwell, I come across this, written by Jerry Falwell about the judicial nominee standoff,

“For the past two years – two years! – two of President Bush’s judicial nominees, Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen, have been maligned and smeared by Senate Democrats who have ignored their superb and celebrated legal careers.

The reason? Neither nominee has endorsed the ambiguous “right to privacy” that abortion supporters declare is to be found in the U.S. Constitution.”

That is Jerry Falwell complaining that Democrats are trying to block judges who don’t think we have a right to privacy.

And the other day I wrote this piece, It’s Privacy They Have A Problem With, which pointed out that Senator Santorum was not only against gays having the right to have consensual sex, he opposed the idea that ANY Americans have a right to privacy.

How many people remember that one of the main reasons Robert Bork was rejected as a Supreme Court nominee was that he held that there is no “right to privacy” under the Constitution?

The reason that the wingnuts have such a problem with the idea of Americans having a right to privacy dates back to the 1965 Griswold vs Connecticut case, which overturned a Connecticut statute which made it a crime to use devices or materials to prevent conception. The Court said that a married couple has a right of privacy that cannot be infringed upon by a state law. This led to the Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that held that the right of privacy encompasses a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

In order to make abortion illegal again, they have to get judges into the court system who will rule that we do not have a right to privacy. This will, of course, lead to other areas where the government no longer leaves us alone, including going back to banning birth control. Who knows what else this will open up? And this is serious shit — they really ARE trying to go in this direction.