Young Bush Blew Up Frogs

This is old, but I just came across it. George W. Bush’s Journey: A Philosophy With Roots in Conservative Texas Soil quotes a childhood friend of George W Bush:

“We were terrible to animals,” recalled Mr. Throckmorton, laughing. A dip behind the Bush home turned into a small lake after a good rain, and thousands of frogs would come out.
“Everybody would get BB guns and shoot them,” Mr. Throckmorton said. “Or we’d put firecrackers in the frogs and throw them and blow them up.”

2 thoughts on “Young Bush Blew Up Frogs

  1. You do know what psychologists say about people who torment or kill animals, don’t you? Not funny! This is a major sign that someone is a sociopath and potential murderer.

  2. I am a clinical social worker who works with many others in the helping professions. We all agreed on the diagnosis of G.W.Bush as someone with an anti-social personality disorder (an updated term for sociopath). This means that he has little to no conscience and will feel no remorse over his actions resulting the injury or death of others. He feels justified in everything he does and has no thought for the impact he may have on others. He cannot tolerate disagreement or confrontation that is why his “public” speeches are only done with carefully selected audiences such as republican supporters or the tightly controlled military. The few times he has been, even slightly confronted, his anger was barely contained and had the confrontion been more sustained you would have seen an outpouring of actual rage. The only reason we have not seen this part of him is because he is so well protected and insulated. It does come out in his sarcastic and condescending smirks (sorry, I lost my objectivity for a moment), his condescending “smiles”. This man can be dangerous, not physically but because he is in a position of power with absolutely nothing to restrain his need to wield this power. Don’t be suprised if he comes up with some excuse to use nuclear weapons on a country that he claims could, potentially, be a threat to us. I don’t know what will happen in 2008 because I cannot see him just walking away from this power that he now enjoys. Maybe he’ll change the rules about having only two terms for the President and then he can run, and win, again.

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